5 Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions (2023)

Part of the fun of being an Epic Rap Battles of History fan is thinking about new possible matchups for this popular YouTube series created by Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD. So I decided to make a list of 5 Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions for 2023.
And just like I did for my older lists, I’m only considering characters that haven’t appeared in ERB already.

So, without further ado, here there are, in no particular order, my 5 Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions, complete with passable-quality thumbnails (all made by me). ⬇


1. Wes Craven vs Wes Anderson

5 Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions (2023)

Battle of movie directors named Wes with distinctive opposite styles, dark and grimey vs whimsical and colorful.
I can picture Lloyd playing Wes Craven and Peter playing Wes Anderson.


2. Sitting Bull vs Pancho Villa

My original idea was to suggest Sitting Bull vs somebody from ancient Japan, like Oda Nobunaga or Miyamoto Musashi, because I liked the idea of a battle between two representatives of cultures that were rich of wisdom and that later endured different forms of westernizations (the natives losing their lands and Japan implementing the Bunmei-Kaika).
But this morning I was watching a music video on YouTube and came across a really cool comment that was about both native Americans and native Mexicans, and I thought of how cool an ERB based on a comparison like this would be. So, I’m pitching Sitting Bull vs Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary.

(I used comic book artworks for the thumbnail because they match the clothes I want them to wear in the episode, but of course I want the battle to be live action).


3. Ness vs Eleven

5 Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions (2023)

If there’s a series born after ERB that I think will end up getting a rep like John Wick did, I think it’ll definitely be Stranger Things. And EarthBound is a popular video game from the 90’s with a massive cult following, and one of my favorites too.
This battle of psychic kids would definitely be something else.


4. Michael Schumacher vs Dale Earnhardt

5 Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions (2023)

Battle of fast racers.
This episode would have both an obvious connection – most famous F1 driver vs most famous NASCAR driver – and the easiest casting choices ever, since Peter and Lloyd would be literally perfect to play these two.


5. Rick James vs MC Hammer

5 Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions (2023)

And finally, a battle of groovy music icons from the 80’s-90’s. Imagine this battle with a beat that sounds similar to Super Freak and U can’t touch this.
Also, a nice piece of trivia: both characters have been mentioned in ERB at some point, the latter even more than once.
As for the casting choices, I know that getting Key & Peele back in ERB would be near impossible nowadays, but I think they would be perfect to play these two.


And that was the last idea from this my new list of 5 Epic Rap Battles of History suggestions for 2023, but in the past two years I’ve written 2 other ERB suggestion lists, you can read them by clicking here (list 1 | list 2).

That’s all for now, see ya next time!


Written by Emanuele Aversano on May 2, 2023.